There are assistants… and then there are assistants that go on to be chief of staff, run departments, and are smarter than a lot of the company’s executives…

If you want to be in the latter category. There are a few things you need to do daily! 

🌟 Show initiative. Offer to take on projects for the company. How can you go over and above to help them? This is a great opportunity to develop your management skills.

🌟Show interest in the company. What are its top objectives and how can you contribute to them?

🌟 Check your work. We all get busy and make mistakes, but there’s no excuse for slipping spelling and grammar at this level. It reflects poorly on you and your reputation.

🌟 Be likeable! Reputation goes a long way and nobody wants to be that assistant that’s rude or looks down on people. Kindness and courtesy costs nothing.

🌟 Always work on your personal development. Keep up to date on your CPD, learn the latest software, work on your personal skills. It’s what puts you ahead of everyone else and in line to move up the pay scale.

What else would you add to the list? I’d love to know below! 👇🏻