Assistants are the bosses when it comes to multi-tasking.

Dealing with hundreds of emails per day, reports, meeting papers (and inevitably minutes), expenses, travel itineraries, phone calls, clients, big projects, conferences/events… late nights, last minute jobs… you know the drill!

In today’s society we’re also inundated with “noise” – texts, tweets, Facebook pings, calendar requests, open plan offices with a lot of chat. With so much vying for our attention, it’s easy to find yourself reacting to the “must be done now” things, leaving little time for the important jobs that really require attention.

Assistants have to manage their own time and productivity (and stress levels) exceptionally well.  So how do we be more productive and focus on the things that really matter? How do we prevent stress and burnout?

It’s time for a “self-audit”. Click below to download our free worksheet on boosting your productivity – whether it be at home or in the office.  Don’t forget to visit our Exec Angels Network Group to let us know how you get on!