Fear… we all experience it. Fear of not being good enough, of missing deadlines, of being laughed at, of having to do presentations, of being laughed at whilst having to do presentations…

Here’s the thing about fear:

F = False

E = Expectations

A = Appearing

R = Real

Fear is a just thought in our heads. Recently I stood up and did a speech. In front of actual people. Honestly, it’s forever been a fear of mine in case I babble, go red or my words come out back to front and everyone thinks I’m a terrible presenter.  But I just opened my mouth, words came out and then it was done. So, after patting myself on the back several times, I had this realisation that I’d been working myself up and experiencing stress unnecessarily. For a “what-if” situation created by my own mind that never happened.

Here’s another thing about false expectations appearing real. Your subconscious thoughts in your head affect how you feel, which subsequently affects your attitude, motivation and behaviour. But it IS possible to dispel the negative and limiting beliefs that create the fear in the first place.

What are some of your negative beliefs? Write them down. Now ask yourself, how are they serving you? Are they helping you to achieve any of your goals? Write down what beliefs you would rather have. When I’m having a tough morning, I read my preferred beliefs out to myself like affirmations. Even if I don’t believe them at the time, just reading them out makes a difference. Affirmations are huge part of my daily routine – I’m retraining my subconscious mind to think positively and focus on success.

EAs have a really stressful job. I really believe we need a clear vision, thick skins and strong positive attitudes. If you want to reframe your thinking and accomplish your goals, keep voicing it. Positive affirmations are the opposite of limiting beliefs. Stick them on post-it notes on your desk, put notes on your mirror – whatever works for you!

Will I be nervous next time I have to present? Of course, I’m only human! But one way to build confidence and get over fear is to confront it. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. The more we practise something, the better we get and the better we feel about it.

In order for you to be able to do things, you have to first believe you can do them, trust yourself and believe in your own ability. Great things will happen!