Welcome Lovely!  You’ve found the official membership site of Exec Angels – the fastest growing online community for administrative professionals worldwide.

Whether you’re an established Executive Assistant, a Virtual Assistant or an administrator looking to scale your career, you’ve come to the right place.

Inside our exclusive Members Club, you’ll find heaps of resources, practical workbooks, step by step guides and personal development tools to empower you to achieve SUCCESS in your career at the highest level.

The Angels Members Club is for you if:


You are an administrative professional who wants to really excel, seize opportunities and take your career to the next level;

You are overwhelmed by crazy schedules, busy projects and to-do lists, and you don’t have the time or energy to invest in a lengthy course;

You want to learn business skills and talk strategy like a boss;

You want to be known as your company’s go-to person for new systems and software;

You’ve checked out specialist EA courses, but they’re so just soooo damn expensive and you need something that’s affordable for admins


You want to feel more valued and respected in your profession.


I got you guys covered…


Over the past 20 years, I’ve experienced all of the above and more.  It inspired me to set up a global online community, Exec Angels in 2017 and the response has been phenomenal.  I am on a MISSION to empower everyone in this industry to thrive in their career and know their immense value.  The business world doesn’t go around without you guys!

What’s included:  

Monthly training ‘bundles’, consisting of practical guides and fillable pdf workbooks that are affordable for admin professionals;

Full, instant access to The Angels Members Club and all of its content. Example bundles include:

  • How to write an awesome set of minutes;
  • How to set up your dream VA business;
  • How to create a CV that shines;
  • How to use OneNote like a boss;
  • How to master confidence and assertiveness in your role;
  • How to practise self-care in a stressful role.

Ongoing support from myself and The Angels community via a private Facebook group.

An exclusive Exec Angels USB powerbank keyring – never get stuck with a dead phone or laptop again! An essential part of every assistant’s success kit.

Join our global community of assistants for  only £14.99 ($20 / AD$30 / 18 Euros) per month.

You can cancel your membership at any time (although hopefully you won’t want to!)

Still unsure?  Put it into perspective…

That’s less than the cost of your weekly Starbucks.

That’s less than a lunch out.

That’s a WHOLE lot less than that monthly gym membership.

That’s £3.75 a week babe.

So, the question is are you worth investing a whole £3.75 a week in? Hell, YES you are!

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