Whether it’s mid-term or end of year, your personal review is an excellent chance to discuss your career development, how things are going for both parties and where things are going in the future. It’s also your record of whether you’re achieving your objectives and you’re meeting corporate values. Get it booked in the diary nice and early!

Below are some of my top tips to help you prepare for your performance review. Good luck!

  1. Review your objectives

Firstly, dig out your past review. How have you progressed against the objectives you set with your manager? Are they still up to date? The role of an EA can be very demanding and it’s easy to lose focus on your personal objectives. But give yourself plenty of chance to review them in advance.

Consider how your role has changed since you set the original objectives. Have you taken on any additional work or more significant projects? How do you feel these have helped you develop in your role?

You may wish to consider whether the objectives are challenging enough, or perhaps too challenging? Now is the time to discuss this with your manager.

  1. Reflect on your performance

This is a really good opportunity to be self-honest about how you’re performing. Have a good look over the past review period and evaluate what has gone well and what hasn’t. How do you feel about your job? Are there areas where you could be more proactive? Make a list of your significant projects over the review period – what have you achieved and how can you evidence it? What do you want to achieve and how will you do this?

  1. Reflect on your own career development plan

This is your opportunity to consider your own career direction, roles and areas of interest you would like to explore. Are their any projects you would like to become involved in at the company? What are your long-term career aspirations and is there any training you can take on to expand your skills set?

  1. Reflect on the company’s performance

It’s also really important that your manager, and consequently the company, has delivered everything they said they would. Be honest about how you’re feeling about your role and if there’s anything the company can do you help you. If you are having any issues, now is the time to raise them.

  1. Questions To Ask During Your Review

Clearly, your manager will use the review to provide you with feedback on your performance, but this is also your opportunity to talk about what you want from your role going forward, so come prepared with questions! For example, you could consider the following:

  • How do you feel my performance has been this year and are there any areas for improvement?
  • What are the corporate objectives next year and how can I assist the company in achieving them?
  • Are there some projects coming up that I could potentially be involved in?
  • Are there any skills you feel I need to develop?
  • What training opportunities are available through the company?
  • What do you see as the next steps in my career growth?
  • Is there anyone else I should speak to for feedback on my performance?
  1. Salary increases, bonuses and promotions

Clearly, the review doesn’t always provide an appropriate time to wangle a pay rise, particularly if your manager has identified a few areas for improvement. Nevertheless, it is acceptable to enquire about the steps you need to achieve to get there. Let your manager know you are committed to your growth within the company, talk about your goals and ask what the timeline would be for raises or promotion and what you need to do to get there.