Dry January? Blue Monday? January blues?

I love the start of a new year.  It always provides a good opportunity to reflect on anything you’ve learned (good or bad!), track progress and assess if what you’re doing is meaningful. But moreover, it’s good for you, it aids self-awareness and it’s worth investing a bit of time in yourself and your career.

Plus, researchers have found that the process of reflection enables whatever we’ve learned to stick in our minds and ultimately improve our performance.

I’m sure many of your have set annual big goals. But I find monthly goals are easier to manage and help me feel I’ve accomplished something.

Some things to consider from both a work and personal perspective…

Personal Reflection

  • From a personal perspective, consider what your main achievements have been this month. What did you do well?
  • What didn’t go so well? Remember mistakes are just proof you’re trying and always provide a learning opportunity! (I tell myself this regularly…)
  • Is there anything you feel you could let go of or delegate?
  • What would you like to make more time for in your life?
  • Set yourself a goal – or goals – for the next month.

If you want to write it down, this month’s newsletter includes a useful worksheet for monthly reflection.

Workplace Reflection

  • Start the month afresh and get rid of loose papers on your desk. File it, shred it, or bin it.
  • Review any notes you’ve taken in your catch-ups with your boss. Are there any outstanding jobs or information to be transferred elsewhere?
  • Review last month’s calendar. Are there any follow-ups from any of the meetings? What’s coming up in next month’s calendar? Make a list of anything you need to prepare for and schedule some time to get this done.
  • Review your projects. Which projects are still ongoing and what is the next step in this process? Make sure you have a plan and schedule some time and deadline reminders in the diary.
  • Review any delegated tasks. If you’re waiting for somebody else’s input, follow-up if necessary.

There are some planners in the Ultimate EA Guide on the Exec Angels website (https://www.execangels.org/downloads) which you may find useful.

I hope you have a fabulous week and month ahead!