Over Christmas the lovely Ryan bought me a new watch. One of those fancy ones that tracks your steps and such like. Being less ‘gadget savvy’ than he is, I will probably never use it to its full potential.  One thing I have figured out is that it can track your stress levels throughout the day and break down where you were particularly fraught.  I’m absolutely fascinated by it.

Now Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year and all, one shouldn’t be particularly stressed. Throw in 4 children, countless visitors, cooking on a ridiculous scale… and maybe the occasional realisation that loved ones aren’t around this Christmas, I think it can be an emotional time.

Prior to the festive period, I put together a short ‘stress-busting’ worksheet to identify workplace pressures, break them down and establish a positive way to deal with them.  In truth, I ended up completing mine about the Christmas break!

However you wish to use it, you can download the worksheet HERE. I hope it comes in useful.